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Energy Research Projects


The traditional electrical grid is changing to make way for the increased usage of renewable energy systems and decreased use of fossil fuels. This transition is quite complicated and requires copious amounts of research and development. Applied Energy Research is working on two microgrid projects. The first is a home-model microgrid, located in the Applied Energy Research lab (AERLab) and the second is a deployable microgrid container, stationed outdoors at the Ray Ivany Campus. Read more »

Energy Storage

One of the main challenges the field of renewables faces is the energy storage obstacle. While recently there have been some notable triumphs, scientists continue to focus on finding reliable, cost-effective solutions to store energy generated from renewable sources. The technology to extract energy from solar, wind, geothermal and tidal exists, but the question on how to best store and use this energy remains. The AERLab works on a couple of projects to help find some of these answers. Read more »

Energy Data Portal

Many researchers and organizations believe, "Sharing data is for the greater good," and Applied Energy Research thinks so too. Collaborating and sharing data saves others in the energy industry time and money. This helps us all succeed and stay on track to reach renewable-energy targets. Read more »

Energy Monitoring

When data is collected and analyzed properly it is arguably the most powerful research tool. Learning what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in the past, equips organizations and governments with the information they need to make informed decisions moving forward. Applied Energy Research works on several energy-monitoring projects. Read more »

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