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Marine, Fisheries & Oceans Programs

A student at the Nautical Institute suits up for traning.

Explore programs that lead to careers in the marine, fisheries and oceans industries:

  • Bridge Watch Rating
    Begin your career at sea as a deckhand and member of a ship's watch team. Keep a lookout, steer the vessel, retrieve and launch lifeboats and much more.
  • Electro-Technical Officer
    Expand your electronics knowledge for a career at sea managing a ship's electrical systems.
  • Marine – Industrial Rigging
    Learn how to fabricate, install, repair and inspect marine and industrial rigging.
  • Marine Engineering Technology – Diploma
    Build a broad-based knowledge of the highly complex engineering systems of a modern ship and prepare for a career as an engineering officer.
  • Marine Engineering Technology – Advanced Diploma
    Advance your knowledge of the highly complex engineering systems of a modern ship and qualify for a career as an engineering officer.
  • Marine Geomatics
    Expand your geomatics knowledge with the skills you need to explore, manage and monitor marine and coastal environments.
  • Marine Mechanical Technician
    Learn about marine engine systems and quickly start your career at sea.
  • Marine Navigation Technology – Diploma
    Study the major principles of marine navigation, seamanship, meteorology, ship construction and stability and prepare for a career as a ship's navigation officer.
  • Oceans Resources – Fisheries & Aquaculture
    Develop knowledge and skills with a focus on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices to prepare for careers in the seafood industry and oceans resources management.
  • Oceans Technology
    Gain the knowledge-based skills used to create and apply technology solutions that are unique to ocean environments.

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